About Us

Welcome to Mind48 Agency of the Insidecomm Group, established by Rodrigo Tadeu, and Luis Lopes in 2000, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mind48 is specialized in media, website development, photo and video production.

In the year 2010, the company added a special focus to social media marketing strategies, data analysis and consumer behavior as well as influencers which brought a new growth to the company making it a full service online marketing agency.

In 2015, Mind48 began a new and exciting chapter in its history by expanding to a new market, Florida, United States. A new partnership was also added to the group. Aline Duda, an entrepreneur with expertise in marketing, social media expert and SEO specialist who along with Luis Lopes worked to grow in this new territory and create a winning method to bring clients effective solutions, stronger brand presence, directly increase revenue, and grow their business.

Today Mind48 has representatives in Sao Paulo, Miami and Orlando, offers complete digital marketing solutions and relies on collaborators specialized in the areas of Insights & Planning, Media / Connections, Analytics, Visual Design, Copywriting, Content Curators, Experience Design, Technology, Client Services, Production and Social Media Experts.

We believe in building true, continuous and relevant connections between our customers and their audience, to build their value together!

Business Goal

Focus on innovative online marketing strategies and develop a plan to explore the highest potential of your business on the web. Our goal is to make our customers grow their business and increase revenue through an outstanding online presence.